Filmmaking Talk/Workshop by Nadiah Hamzah

‘Stories Through Film’ by Nadiah Hamzah

Saturday 16 FEBRUARY 2019
10am – 3pm


Come join us & filmmaker Nadiah Hamzah in our very first filmmaking talk / workshop. She will be sharing her experience and provide a thorough introduction to filmmaking, allowing our participants to learn a great amount in a very short time. Covering the basic elements of filmmaking — from story development, screenwriting and directing the scene. Here’s what you can expect from your tiny Saturday film school on the 16th February!

Stories through Film by Nadiah Hamzah
10AM – 1015AM

1015AM – 11AM
Introduction & Ice Breaking Session
Identifying what kind of filmmaker you want to be, what stories you want to tell

11AM – 12PM
Thoughts to Script
Finding an idea, creating memorable characters and playing with story structure/group discussion + activity

12PM – 1PM
From Script to Screen-
Learning how to visualise scripts, basics of storyboarding, creating the ‘world’

1PM – 1.15PM
Short break (hot drinks, water, sandwiches will be served for free!)

1.30PM – 3PM
Final Presentation//Sharing Session

( Please note that Nadiah Hamzah will join us again for another follow-up workshop on filmmaking in March 2019! )

PRICE : RM80 only
(free Tiny Forest tote bag and a note book, drinks and snacks will be provided)

Join us, sign up now by emailing us or fill up the form below!
(Deposit 50% is required.)


Come make terrariums – for yourself and your little one! ‘Kids and Parents, Grandparents’ Terrarium Workshop by Mrs. Anum 

‘Kids and Parents, Grandparents’ Terrarium Workshop by Mrs. Anum 

Sunday 3 FEBRUARY 2019
2 sessions available, pick either 11AM – 1PM or 2pm – 5pm

It’s mom and kids/grandaprents and kids terrarium fun time with Mrs. Anum! Make an appointment with us for you and your kids to learn how to create a colorful terrarium – together!  1 for you, and 1 for your little one. It’s a fun family activity that will develop a child’s creativity and love for nature! Simple step by step guide and we also let your kids choose their choice of succulent, cactus, a figurine, and sand colour too!


(for 2 terrariums, RM100 for adult, RM50 for child.)

Limited seats to 6 pax per session.

Join us, sign up now by emailing us or fill up the form below!
(Deposit 50% is required.)

Sign Up for Macramé Plant Hanger Workshop this Saturday 2 February 2019!

Macramé Plant Hanger Workshop by CONDIMENT STRINGS

11AM – 2PM

Ages 12 and above

Special offer : Get your friends to join and get RM15 discount!
(price is INCLUDING all the tools and items to make macrame, a free Tiny Forest tote bag, a note book, drinks and snacks will be provided)

img_1810-2In this empowering class, Hanisah from Condiment Strings will demonstrate a handful of her favorite knotting techniques and show you how to get started on your plant hanger. You will design and create your own macramé plant hanger with Hanisah’s expert guidance and support. Never fear if you think you are lacking in creativity, Macramé is a wonderful craft for expressing a vision you never knew you had while practicing mindfulness and meditation. We provide all the materials you need to complete your unique piece of art. We will have more for sale to make your piece uniquely yours. All levels welcome.

( Participants: Get 20% off plants from Tiny Forest SJ when you join the workshop!)

Join us, sign up now by emailing us or fill up the form below!
(Deposit 50% is required.)

#tinyforesttalk Adil Halim “Enhancing Life through Drumming”

Thank you everyone who came to Adil Halim’s “Enhancing Life through Drumming” talk last Saturday! It was an insightful and fun morning talk! Each participants went back with a goodie bag and best question contest winner won a Adil’s signature drumstick from Heartbeats drums!

See you all at our next monthly talk in February!

whatsapp image 2019-01-19 at 1.13.53 pmwhatsapp image 2019-01-19 at 1.14.00 pmwhatsapp image 2019-01-19 at 1.14.03 pm

TINY FOREST TALK : Adil Halim “Enhancing Life through Drumming” Saturday, 19 JANUARY 2019, 10am – 12pm

Join our upcoming events!



Enhancing Life through Drumming
19 JANUARY 2019
(*NEW TIME* : 10am-12pm)

Ages 15 and above

47CC6242-BC58-4FD4-851D-CDBC2689796A.JPGCome join our first ever Tiny Talks! Join Adil Halim, who plays the drums for Malaysia’s alternative rock band Seven Collar T-shirt, songstress Yuna, and also No Noise Percussion. Perfect for those who are thinking about learning how to play drums, those who are already performing on stage, or those who just want to hang out and talk about music!

Screen Shot 2019-01-09 at 4.16.07 PM copy.pngHere are the key points that will be discussed at his workshop/talk

Sharing Adil’s experiences being a full time musician/drummer, learn how to :-
•appreciate & create opportunities
•work with various kinds of musicians/artists
•deal with challenges (failure/motivation/sickness/idea etc)
•handle expectations (self/people)
•know yourself as a better person (decision making)
•plan your music career
•be a better drummer(musician)
•appreciate knowledge (music is science)
•market and handle jobs
Screen Shot 2019-01-09 at 4.15.35 PM.png

Technical Talks definitely!
•daily routine exercises (build own challenges)
•drum tuning tips (bring your drums for tuning)
•drum setup
•electronic drums
•importance of being a laptop musician


SEATS LIMITED TO 20 PAX! Goodie bags, drinks and snacks included
Join us, sign up now by emailing us or fill up the form below!
(Deposit 50% is required.)

January 2019 Workshop : Capsule Terrarium



Come join our capsule terrarium workshop! We are opening 10 slots this weekend from 11am – 6.30pm on Saturday and Sunday for an hour!

We will help you build your own capsule terrarium step by step for our January offer price RM100 (original price RM150)! 

Book your private workshop now! Groups of 5 persons are welcomed.
Call us at 03-5612 1510 or email us at

(Deposit of 50% is required to secure booking)



We’re having an April POP-UP MARKET at our store this weekend on the 1st of April from 12pm-7pm! Come by and enjoy shopping from different vendors, and make some terrariums too! Tell your friends, and see you there!


Care Tips for your Tiny Forest Terrariums!

Screen Shot 2017-12-03 at 1.58.36 AM
Our Terrarium with 3 plants with basic decor, RM60. Email us at to purchase!

There’s nothing more satisfying than bringing home your very own Tiny Forest terrarium. But what’s next? We have all the care tips and guidelines to keep your plants alive and healthy for as long as you can.

The kind of terrariums we sell are open terrariums, meaning its easier to take care of! These terrariums have open vessels allowing air circulation, your cactus and succulents love this.

If you got succulents in your terrariums, its essential to know more about them. Succulents are typically comfortable not receiving too much water, and don’t need much root space to thrive, making them perfect for small enclosures. Plus, many species stay small and compact, allowing them to live for years in a terrarium without transplanting.

    Succulents and cacti love the sunlight- as long as they are not directly under them. Keep your terrarium in a bright room, but away from the window as direct sunlight can burn the plants.
    Some may suggest that succulents and cacti don’t like water,  which is not true. These plants LOVE water, but only a little bit enough to keep the soil moist. As long as it is warm enough and they are getting plenty of light, they will benefit from a good soaking. In a terrarium without drain holes it is important to water the plants sparingly around the base of each plant using a watering can or a spray bottle. The soil should be allowed to dry between watering and there should not be any “sitting” water at the bottom of the pot. Overwatering is one of the fastest ways to kill your plants. When your plants get too much water, the bottom leaves start to die or rot. Basically, water your plants when you can feel that the soil is dry.
    Should you find your plants already dead (because you just realized that your terrarium had been out of your peripheral for 2 weeks), pick them out and get rid of all the rotting roots or leaves from your terrarium as this can affect other plants, causing them to rot as well.
    Sometimes you’ll notice that your plants are looking a little flimsy, this mean they need some plant food. You can visit you nearest nursery, and get the best plant food for cactus or succulents, make sure the it is mild towards the roots and the plants.

And that’s it! In cases where your plants are getting bigger, re-pot them in a bigger container so they can continue to grow and live happily! Some key points from this blog entry:

  1. Place terrarium in a bright room, but away from direct sunlight
  2. Do not overwater your plants, but make sure they get enough water.
  3. Get rid off dead leaves as they can affect other plants from rotting.

Thanks for reading our blog! Till next time, happy terrarium gardening!